Workshop Benjamin Guyet 2023

Lettering and Linocutting

Benjamin Guyet, Les éditions de l’Étau



There are many ways to engrave and print.  You will have the opportunity to discover some of them during this 2-day workshop
As a specialist in poster work, Benjamin Guyet invites you to experiment with typography and linocut.  You will learn how to balance your compositions, work with overlaying colors, and create multi-color prints. 

You will return home both the prints and engraved sheets.

Workshop language: French. 

Level: Open to all, including beginners

Dates: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 April 2023
Times: 9h30 – 12h30 / 13h30 – 17h30
Location: La Marlagne Chemin des Marronniers 26, B-5100 Wépion
Price: 160€ (+ annual fee)

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