Workshop Amélie Dhesse 2023

When letter gain body

Creative embossed calligraphy

Create an embossed, glossy and colored alphabet book, 100% personalized.  Instead of the alphabet, you can also write a short sentence. By means of embossing felts and powders, your hand-drawn letters will take volume as if by magic when applying heat. You can make an illumination-like design (new way of gilding and inspired by the middle ages) or work in a more contemporary style (play with materials and gloss). 

Level: Open to all, including beginners

Dates: Saturday 9 September 2023
Times: 9h30 – 12h30 / 13h30 – 17h30
Location: Piscine de Kain – Rue Vert Lion 40, 7540 Tournai (Kain)
Price: 70€ (+ annual fee)

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