Workshop Marine Porte de Sainte Marie 2022

Traces, gesture, time 

Gestural, extra bold


All levels


We will be working with a ruling pen, with contemporary letter shapes inspired by Neuland.

They are very bold, very black and in a patterned composition.

We will focus on the gestures, traces, line quality and color. An ideal entry point to get acquainted with gestural writing, and to work with contrast!

In Namur (Wépion)

réf. 202205-ST-WE-MP

Dates: 14 and15 May 2022
Times: 9h30 – 12h30 / 13h30 – 17h30
Place: La Marlagne
Chemin des Marronniers 26, B-5100 Wépion
Price: 130€ (+ annual fee)
Language: French






More about Marine on her website




Registration as from October 15th



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